iForia, Inc. iForia, Inc. iForia, Inc.

< iforia > is all about online success and helping others achieve it! Since our inception in 1994, we have started, created, designed, developed, and/or managed over 200 successful web endeavors. Some focused on design, some on building an online community, some on programming, some on e-commerce, but all focused on customer service and brand enhancement!

You see, we build personal relationships with our clients, so we understand their needs and address their concerns; all in an attempt to be better able to help our clients meet the needs of their clients.

We are not a big company with lots of people. There is no downtown office, no billboard, TV or radio advertising, and no hob-knobbing at country clubs. This web site is our only form of marketing - our entire business is built on referrals from our existing clients and press about our company. This enables us to do large consulting firm type work, create agency quality designs, and offer world class programming at a fraction of big company or agency prices.

Our availability is limited so we select new clients carefully. Rest assured, we won't take on a new client unless we can accommodate their requirements and give them the same personal attention they deserve - and the same that all of our existing clients are use to receiving.

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