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Here at < iforia > we do more than just build web pages. In fact, we don't even consider ourselves a web design company - even though we've won countless awards for it. We call ourselves a 2nd generation web development company. This idea stems from the fact that in order for our clients to succeed online, we need to do more than just build and host a web site for them (which is what most 1st generation web design firms do).

We feel that in order for our clients to succeed online, we need to help in the strategy, conception, design, programming, hosting, promotion, marketing, advertising, and overall management of their online business - especially once the web site is live. We think the following quote sums things up best!

“Once we got the guys at < iforia > involved in what would become our online business, things really started to take off. They asked the right questions and got us on track from the beginning. They became (and still are) like a complete division of our company. They have freed me and my management team up to such a degree, I don't know what we'd do without them. They not only manage our entire online business (ranging from site updates, design & programming changes, business development, our affiliate program, etc.) they also are constantly bringing fresh ideas and new business opportunities to our attention. They are about as proactive and responsible as you could ever want. In fact, they are one of the best “partners” we've ever had. We just hope they don't get to big and forget about us.” - Ken L., President - Century Graphics & Metals, Inc.
All of our clients get the following services:
  • affiliate program development and management
  • online marketing analysis
  • online market analysis
  • strategic consulting
  • design services
  • programming services
  • content management
  • hosting and site backup services
  • online registration and contest forms
  • online business development services
  • online surveys
  • search engine promotion
  • online banner promotions (where applicable)
  • digital & print collateral (where applicable)
  • online press releases
  • online e-newsletters to their clients
  • viral marketing campaigns

Common reasons companies hire us:

  • we offer proven expertise in many fields of online business
  • we are very responsible
  • we do not operate like a traditional web design firm
  • we can take a project from concept to completion
  • we are customer service nuts
  • we know what it takes to succeed online, and we show others the way to do so as well
  • we are often less expensive than having people in house do the job